soweatherish (soweatherish) wrote in egl,


OMG. Have you noticed the bodyline website?

I mean DUDE! REALLY? Increasing prices by 300% WTF?!?!?!

I'm really pissed off now, because I ordered a dress last week, and I wanted to reorder it, it was 17 euro (25$) last week, and now it's 42€(62$) Almost all dresses are 62$ now, some are 50$, but even the cheap ones are effin' expensive now. Same for the skirts!

WTF?! Plz do something, this is just NOT GOOD !!

!Taking away affordable lolita clothing from the masses by increasing prices by 300%? THUMBS DOWN FOR YOU BODYLINE! ARGH.

Well, opinions wanted, they were reasonably priced for their quality, now it's just plain CRAZY!

EDIT: It seems like everything went back to normal. LOL, the prices are even lower than they were before!

Considering the fact that people were all about me being hating, yes I was, BL is the only brand I can afford with six days a week work, school and a household to be taken care of. I can not afford a 60$ skirt + 20$ shipping, I think 35$ for a dress or JSK is what I CAN afford. So don't start hating me for making this thread, I'm not as lucky as some of you, I can not afford brand. I own one second hand btssb skirt, which I basically treasure, the rest is offbrand and some bodyline. Thanks.

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