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Review: Lief Garden Berries, Rabbit and Crochet JSK.

Edit for those interested: here is the original GO.

I ordered one of these JSKs in the milk tea colour, and received it yesterday. It's my very first item - I don't even have a blouse or petti (yet!) so no pictures of it worn unfortunately.

Packaging:  10/10 - Arrived neatly folded and sealed in a plastic bag in a box.

Price: 8/10 - Cost $211.50 USD (roughly $250 AUD). I've taken the points off for a couple of quality issues. My expectations may be a little high, but considering what I paid there are some things I would have expected to be a little better.

Communication: 5/10 - Initial communications when ordering where fine, and payment process was smooth. After the LJ post about the delay I waited two weeks before sending an email enquiring about projected shipping date as the cut-off for paypal disputes was coming up. After a five days with no reply to that along with a comment made in one of the group order posts, I opened a paypal dispute. I received an email a day after with the tracking number and closed the dispute after I had received the dress, but it worried me that I had to go to that extent to get a response. 

Quality: 7/10 - The screen-printing and design is beautiful, but there are a small issues with the dress. Firstly, there's some loose looped threads in the stitching, and loose threads at the bottom. I'm not sure of the correct term to explain this since I don't sew, but the stitching on the inside of the dress at the bottom hangs down (as shown in one of the pictures) which I'm afraid may unravel or get caught on something, so I'm going to have to stitch it up.

There's also a mark on the dress, again shown in a picture. It's not incredibly visible in that light, but I saw it right away when I looked at the back which is a little disappointing.

Lastly, I'm 94cm in the bust - measurements were given as 86-100cm so while I'm in the higher side of that, I definitely had some wiggle room. However, the skirt part of the dress starts about one inch up on my bust and so looks a little strange in that area. I know it'll sit different on everyone, but those who are larger in the bust area than me may have some issues. I've already got a plan in mind to fix it though, so I'm not that bothered, just felt it was worth mentioning.

Having said all that, it is an absolutely beautiful dress, and I'm completely in love. I was really worried that it would arrive and I'd feel it wouldn't suit me or not wear it, but I don't think that's going to be an issue at all. Looking at it makes me smile, and while I really have no idea how to tell about cloth or lace quality the material used feels quite thick/strong but not rough, and the lacing around the collar of it is quite soft.

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