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Innocent World - LL blouse and re-releases!

As a result of feedback from a prior LJ post and lots of emails from customers, IW is going to release a blouse in LL size! It's kind of a test-run and if it goes well, there may be more LLs in the future. Since there's just the one blouse so far, it may not suit everyone's taste, but it's a stepping stone to more items! IW gets many requests and suggestions from customers and sometimes we may not be able to meet all of them right away, but little by little =D

They chose a popular design, the Antique Rose Button Blouse, for the LL size release. Here's the link to the reservation page:

Remember that the measurements listed are of the garment itself and your bust and waist measurements should be about 4cm smaller for comfort. To solve the earlier concern of whether it would be limited to overseas customers, they decided to offer it to customers who use the Special Order Form on the English website and pay with Paypal, even if you live in Japan.

IW has also received lots of requests for Violin Bags in brown, so they are coming out with a new batch! Although there are some other alternatives out there... if you want to get your hands on an original, now's the time!

If you missed out on the Millefeuille Lace Bolero, it's coming out again plus a new colorway - Bordeaux <3

IW's signature Heart Scallop Frill Shoes are being re-stocked as well. They go up to LL size too ;)

The Blanche Series also went up for reserve today! You can check it out and more reservation items here:

I encourage IW fans to check the website often because there's new stuff coming out all the time! As usual, I will try to answer any questions you have as best as I can so feel free to ask ^^


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