Am I infamous yet? (ragnarok_hound) wrote in egl,
Am I infamous yet?

Paypal refusing valid cards?

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have experienced the same problems I've had recently with paypal.

About a month ago, I purchased a $200 prepaid credit card from Royal Bank of Canada for the purpose of buying some new additions to my lolita wardrobe from Taobao.

I've regularly checked the balance on the card (it's exactly what it should be), but somehow every time I try to send my yoybuy agent the money, it tells me the card is denied and I have to choose some other way to pay. They charged me a dollar off the card to register it, so it's not like the money is untouchable to them.

My yoybuy agent does not want an eCheck, and for some stupid bloody reason the jackals at paypal won't explain, I can't do instant transfer (and yet they want me to talk to some unrelated company somewhere in the middle of America for a credit report or something that will probably get here in 3 months.). I've used prepaid credit cards lots of times in the past year as a more convenient way to pay for purchases from Bodyline and J-List, and I've never experienced this problem before now.

Should I just give up and go to Webmoney or Western Union?

I just want my darling clothes! T_____T I HAVE MONEY!

Please tell me, has this happened to anyone else, or did I just strike it unlucky with Paypal this time?

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