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On the Road to Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves! Final Issue.

We've finally reached the end of the road. The event weekend will be starting TOMORROW! For a detailed schedule, please have a look at the Event Scheduling page. Please note that there are specific Magical Boutique opening times for each level of ticketing.

A Most Gracious Thank You!

To all our esteemed event guests, we would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you for your support, to the point that we've sold out even beyond our expectations! Since Yumemiru Musical Paradise in 2008, our guest list has quite literally doubled as a result of your continued interest in our events and activities. If this keeps up, we're sure to continue bringing you more wonderful events, imitated but never duplicated, and with a combination of quality and originality that is, indeed, never before seen. Stick with us! We trust that it will be quite good for you.

Sold Out? What‽ I didn't have time to buy tickets!

As a result of your overzealous ticket purchases, however, we've hit a bit of a snag. We're out of space at the tables of the tea party!  Sadly, we are no longer selling anymore tickets, so tough luck! We may open the magical boutique up to non-ticket holders during the Fanime time slot.

But what if I really, really want to just come in to see what it looks like?

Okay, all right! Due to popular demand and last-minute ticket sales bumping our numbers into triple digits, we have been authorised to allow will call ticket sales! That's right - for the lowered price of $50.00 USD, you too can become an Oneesan Inc. ticket holder. That's right, you get the perks of entering the primary show, where we turn a little bit of San Jose into a magical world of dreams, as well as being able to enter the Magical Boutique early. Unfortunately, we will be unable to get you proper service at the tea party, but there will be seating as well as other goodies for you. Plus, you get to see a lot of the meat of the show, such as the fashion display as well as other treats you'll just have to wait for tomorrow!

Ticket Registration? Where do I get my tickets? Who do I give my tickets to?

Ticket Registration will be located at the entrance of the Magical Boutique. It'll also serve as a bag checking service. For this event, like out last events, ticket holders will be given wristbands that will be valid for the entire event. Will-call ticket holders can pick up their wristbands in the same location. Please bring a Government issued or school issued ID with picture. Ticket Registration as well as will-call ticket sales will open at Noon on Friday.

Magical Boutique
The Magical boutique will only allow a limited amount of people in. Thus, we will be assigning everybody numbers/time slots. Please make sure to get there as soon as possible to get your favorite items! We'll be stocking many brands such as Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Chantilly, Atelier Pierrot, and even Triple Fortune's famous bonnets and hats! We can assure you they're so amazing, even our boys want them. Get them while they're hot, and they most definitely are!

But, unfortunately...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Vivien Hoffpauir, will be unable to be present at the event. However, her own presence is the only missing part - we have received her shipments of supplies for display and sale at the Magical Boutique, as well as her fashions to be strutted at our fantastic show on Saturday.

Miss EGL

For those who have entered, please make sure that you are wearing you're best coordinate and that you're ready to perform your talent and such on Saturday morning! We'll be emailing you a follow up email soon! 
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