Queen Falling Star (h_i_m_e_s_a_m_a) wrote in egl,
Queen Falling Star

Coordi Help please =]

 I recently (Like 3 days ago) Finished this dress to wear to an up coming Anime Convention (Akon whoo!) And I realized as it grows closer (next weekend) I don't have any time with work and more sewing to find shoes to mat it. After digging in my closet I came up with these granny styled boots and wondered if they could be coordinated with the dress since its more classic. Please tell me what you think =] 

And also, what could I add to this dress? I don't know why but I feel its lacking something. Maybe a bow to the neckline?

  These are the boots.  A picture of the Full outfit
 And the back. Its a 3 tiered ruffle skirt. I did burgandy because I don't see many colored ruffle skirts and I thought it popped the outfit more than just white or tan =]


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