midwest_loli (midwest_loli) wrote in egl,

Washington D.C. Meetup June 3rd at 2pm

So sorry for all the posts lately!!  By the way mods, if i have too many posts let me know!!

Hello all!  My family and I  will be in Washington D.C. from May 30-June 5th.  I'm getting some people together for a meetup on June 3rd at 2pm.  We're going to be meeting at the Carousel in the Smithsonian mall (i think that's how its put).  If anyone wants to go, please let me know so i can make sure I make it there on time!  We'll probably just be taking pictures in the gardens in the area and I know i'm definitely riding the carousel!  I don't have any brand besides my Putumayo vest, so i'll be wearing my pink flower JSK from Bodyline.  If you wanna wear Loli, please do!  

Also, if anyone wants 2 tickets to the GazettE concert on July 23, 2010 at the Nippon Budoukan, contact me!  I won 2 free tickets but I can't go!  I have the entry number so all I would have to do is give you the number and you will go to the website that i will give you if you want the tickets.  Please let me know immediately if you want them!

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