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Sugar Rose Cake by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

'Ello all!  I was just wondering if any of you Lolis know how long Baby has had the Sugar Rose Cake products on their website.  I've barely been able to use the internet, I use it for about 45 minutes at school.  I really like the print for this series:

Isn't it just darling?! :D  It does remind me of past prints from Angelic Pretty, but it is just so adorable!  It has cakes with large ribbons, little bears, roses and more decorating it.  The Baby website says it comes in off whitexoff white lacexpink ribbon, pinkxoff white lacexpink ribbon, saxxoff white lacexsax ribbon and blackxblack lacexblack ribbon.  I would love to buy it but it costs 23940 yen, not exactly an amount of money I have to just spend on a JSK.  What do you Lolis think?

(Also, I have 2 GazettE tickets for the July 23rd show at the Nippon Budoukan!  Let me know if you want them!!)
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