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Newbie with questions, ahoy!

I looked through the memories, but I couldn't really find anything, so I finally got the courage to stop lurking and actually post :). What are the view on tattoos in lolita? I have a rather big tattoo on my upper arm, from the shoulder down to the elbow, so I've been hesitating about getting any loli clothing, since I don't want to mess up and look bad. I know lolita is supposed to be doll-like, and tattoos, well, aren't really. Should I just try to cover it up as much as possible?

Also, a question about glasses. Mine have rather thick, black frames, should I try to get clothes that match them? I'm a bit worried about how it would look together with lighter colours like pink and yellow :/

 I also have really short hair, and the loli hairstyles I've found are all for longer hair than I have :(. Any ideas to make my hair a bit more, well, loli? I'd rather not use a wig. I did a quick google and found a picture of a hairstyle very similar to mine: http://barefootfoodie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/mia.jpg ( very short)

Thanks in advance :)

edit: Thanks for all the encouragement and help :). Was surprised to see so many comments! Sadly, getting new glasses isn't possible, my eyesight is really bad so they're very expensive :/ I will look at smaller hair accesories though. Nice to know that tattoos isn't as uncommon in lolita as I thought :)
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