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Lolita Inspired Flash Games

Hello EGL :3!
I've been trying my hand at Flash lately and with the help of my boyfriend made a couple of tester games (Well, I say games, but they're more point and click mini exploration...)

This is just to test some things before we made a more ambitious game, so it isn't much, but I thought some of you lolis might appreciate them (^^)

You might recognise her from this picture I posted a while ago:

She's in her school uniform for this game but you get to look around her pink overload room...

To "play" you just click around objects in the room to hear her remark on them...You can also click the button in the bottom right corner to switch to the bunny's point of view on things... He thinks quite differently... o_o;
This was just a test with a small time limit so I couldn't animate objects opening like I originally intended, but when a full game is created, she'll be walking around and interacting etc... (^^)

Hope you enjoy it! ♥

We also made these 'games' here...they're not so much strictly lolita but if you enjoyed her room game you might like these small ones too: (nothing to do in this one XD Just scroll around...) (Same as above...)

Thanks for viewing! (^^)

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