inuyisha (inuyisha) wrote in egl,

Help for my homework?

In my web page design class for our final we are required to make a massive website on the topic of our choosing.  I chose to do mine on lolita.  It is to be an informational website that teaches about lolita.  I am however having problems finding a proper video to put on it.  I need at least one.  I am looking for a video that is from Japan with English subtitles.  If you know of one I would greatly appreciate if you would help me by posting it.  I tried to find one on Youtube, but my time that I can be on there is limited because I don't have internet at home and youtube and live journal and such are blocked at my school.  So right now I am rushing to get what I need sitting at McDonalds using their free internet before I need to be at school.
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