tsu_nanashi (tsu_nanashi) wrote in egl,

Monthy Theme!

So yesturday I really wanted to deco something but I didn't know what.  My pokewalker is done, my flip is covered... Then I considered my DS but then I had an idea!  What about one of my DS game holders?  You know, those gray plastic cases that hold three games each?  So I turned it into a sweet lolita project!

Here is the finished piece.

So after doing this and enjoying it so much, I wondered if anyone else might like one.  So my question is, if I made more of these would anyone actually be interested in purchasing them?  And if so, what would then be a fare price?  $7 is what I was thinking but I've never been good naming prices.  Sometimes I overcharge and sometimes I go so below fare that people tell me I am being ripped off.  @_@  So what do you think egl?

Thanks for looking!

EDIT:  A lot pf people wanted to see my pokewalker so...

It's so simple.  I really enjoyed elerronyar's much better.  XD  But I'm still happy with mine.

Also,  based on what has been said and my co-workers opinions, $10-12 (Based on how much work went into it) is a more fare price.  ^^  So I suppose I'll work on a few more and I'll have them on the sales community in a few days.  :D


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