Shinku (shinku_s) wrote in egl,

Steam Punk Co-ordination help!~

So, with AN a little less than a week away, I'm cutting this a bit close but I recently made this dress...

with the intention to co-ordinate it in a steam punk fashion, but seeing as I've never tried to put such an outfit together, I figured I'd ask everyone on here! ^-^

Note/Update/New Content: the second dress isn't a steampunk thing, more of a could-I- make-this-work-since-I'm-concerned-about how-high-the-temperature's-been-lately thing. It makes me a bIt annoyable and Im not to sure about how well i'll take it when in Lolita. And in regards to the steam punk outfit-- I plan to wear my friend's riding boots, use the parasol in the pictures of the second dress, and hopefully find some accessories in the local shops. Sorry for typo's, I'm editing on ny phone.

Original Content: So, I don't have much to work with, as my loli wardrobe is quite small. I have 2 shirts, which I tried under the dress--I personally feel the 1st one is better:

And from there I just experimented a little, so hopefully you have something to work with ^^"
--2 ish with the bow to the side, 1 underneath, and one regularly with a necklace + close up :3

And the other shirt.

Well, thats about all I have for you guys. I do have black and white socks, and a black parasol. I don't mind buying thing if needed, but I won't be able to buy anthing online, although I'm alright with anything that's local such as H&M, Wal-Mart, ect.


And I'm having another delema.
I pretty much had my entire second co-ordinate done, but then I got my parasol and relised it looked kind of akward with the white top and socks I wear with it, because my dress is actually blue while my parasol is black--should I leave it and stop nit-picking, or try finding ways to co-ordinate with black instead of white??



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