nomuzik_nolive (nomuzik_nolive) wrote in egl,

Problems contacting Bodyline

Good day, fellow comm members. I've ended up in a nasty situation getting a refund from Bodyline so I need some advice. 

I ordered some items for a person in the beginning of March. BL still did DHL to Russia back then and before I didn't have any problems with orders for other people using this service. Alas, not this time. I'll skip the 2 month long argument with DHL. As a result the package was returned to Bodyline (it never was received here, so it isn't a case of an exchange attempt). So I wrote to them, describing the situation and asking for a refund, since the items returned as they where.In the first response the sent me to their DHL worker, but I explained that I didn't need the package resent – to hell with DHL, I just wanted money for the items. They asked for the name, amount and number of the order, which I provided. Since then there was silence. The last letter from them was last Wednesday, since them I wrote them almost everyday, but with no effect. Because of DHL it's to late to file a dispute with paypal, Bodyline doesn't answer to letters. Today I went to my bank to see if I can file a charge back, they said there is a possibility, but I'm yet to find out how.

So, has anyone have such problems? Are there other ways to contact Bodyline, besides their paypal address? Maybe someone could help me write them in japanese, as it seems that they don't know english too well and there could have been a misunderstanding.
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