Olivia (peach_flower) wrote in egl,

Two questions

I`m doing a fashion designer project for my Fashion class, and I decided to research about Kumiko Uehara, as most of you know as the designer for BABY. Does anyone have some good sites I could use to find a bio  about her? Even sites in Japanese are okay. Thanks so much! I`ve looked on Google, but I can`t find anything about her age, place of birth, history...etc. x/ 
If there`s nothing about her, maybe you could help me the same way with AP`s designers Maki and Asuka?


Also, today I finally bought my first dress. >w< You may have seen my first post here about asking whether I should get my first dress from Rakuen, but I ended up finding a shop in my area that sells brand dresses, and got this one. What I`d like to know is, could someone please tell me the name of this dress? I think it might be an older design, but I still love it.

It`s an OP, and it came with the capelet. The brand is BABY.

With the capelet

Without the capelet

If you need to see anymore details of it, please let me know! I`ll be happy to take more pictures

The 2nd question has been answered! thank you! .

Thank you all so much in advance! 
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