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Fanime Fashion Show & Panel last update

This is the final reminder for hellodolly & my lolita fashion show & panel at Fanime next weekend.

Don't want to model but do want to come watch the show? Great! :)
*You do need to have a Fanime weekend badge or day pass to attend any panels at Fanime
When: Sunday May 30th
Time: 6pm
Where: Fanime Con in San Jose, Panels Room 1: Marriott Salons I & II

Crossposted on egl, ca_egl and my personal journal, so sorry if you see it more than once. <3

Model Meetup Info-
Sunday 5p-6p: University Room on 2nd floor of the Hilton Hotel
Please show up at 5pm sharp. We'll need everyone there for that entire hour so we have enough time to check everyone in, make sure everyone's outfits are 100% ready to go, go over what you'll be doing in the fashion show and walk over to the fashion show location together. We're asking that everyone show up with hair & makeup done, nothing extra special needed, just the same type of hair styling and makeup you'd normally wear with your outfit.
Sunday 6p-7p: Panel time in Marriott Salons I & II
Map of meeting location and panel room-

Confirmed Models (If you're on this list and can't make it please let me know now so we can fill you're spot)-

1- alanna_lioness*
2- belle_sophie*
3- lavenderlillies*
4- valkyries*
5- pinkperfection*

1- seikomia*
2- carbonidiot*
3- venus_ivy
4- baroquemaiden*

1- megster1989*
2- wonderfinch*
3- silverstar101**
4- xaynie*

1- turbo_san*

1- pure_terrorist
2- jobiberry

1- emilie_rainbow

1- itskelp*

1- chaos_rocker*

1- musouka_ningyou**

Kuro & Shiro set
Shiro- syuichi**

* = Please send me your cell phone number via PM
** = I need your cell phone number and real name via PM
I'll also send everyone a reminder PM to everyone tomorrow, including my cell phone number.

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