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Emily Temple Cute dresses length and also about cardigans.. :/


I hope someone can help me, I´m somewhat lost about Emily Temple Cute sizes, I know their sizes are incredibly small but what i´m wondering about is the length!

I´m 5´6 - 5´7 (171cm) and I know their dresses are not going to look like knee length on me, but I´m familiar with Angelic Pretty length (something like 47-50 cm for skirts and 87-90 cm for dresses) so, ETC have similar sizes, or are they even shorter?
For example, I was looking at this dress Closet Child link,sorry and says it´s 71 cm! So that´s the question, is really ETC that short?!

And, I have the same kind of question about Angelic Pretty/Emily Temple Cute cardigans, are they capable to fit in a proper way a 90cm/35.5 inch bust or it depends of the model?

Anyway, Thank you in advance!
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