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Am I infamous yet?

May Theme: What have I lolified?

Clickety-click for enlargements. My room is definitely not the most lolita place you'll ever see, but it does have some Classic Lolita touches.

My darlings dolls, Sarah and Francesca. I believe that Sarah (the red one) is from England, whereas Francesca (green) is from Italy (Venice?) Also pictured: two linked photo telescopes designed by a friend of my father. You hold one up to your eye in the light and view a small circular photo at the back of the scope.

My clothes &hearts When my collection grows a little more, I will do away with the box a start setting aside closet and drawer space for them.

A lovely little parasol/brella that I picked up at a Hyakuen store in Hamamatsu two years ago. (I'm pretty sure it was meant to be an o-bon parasol, but I can't be certain.)

My not-so-lolita windowsill. Note: two Egyptian pharaoh cast by my dad, and a horsey of unknown origin.

Why, yes. That is a television wearing a top hat, why do you ask? ^^ His name is Xavier. (I name all my electronics. ALL of cellphone's name Morgan, my DS is Shinjiro, my laptop is Rappi and my MP3 player is Kuro-tan.)

My vanity, next to The Monolith. Oh, wait, that's just my closet...

Close-up of my vanity. Displayed: My full length(ish) mirror that I pull down when I need to see the bottom half of my outfit; my collection of perfume samples from Paris; my make-up mirror; a FAKE cat I put a mini hat on (again, IT'S NOT REAL); a treasure chest I put my checks in and use as a piggy bank; a tiny figure of an country cottage; a bronze statue of a wax Jackalope my dad helped me cast; a decorated glass coke bottle; one of my head bows and finally...

A special rose jewelery box my dad give me when I was a little girl. It's one of my most prized possessions. There is a special way to open it...

You slide the bottom panel a little to the left, exposing a removable piece of wood. Once you slide out the piece of wood, a small rusty key is exposed. You remove a slightly off-center block in the front to expose the keyhole. Unfortunately, the keyhole doesn't work anymore and the box is permanently open.

My bow box, perched on top of my book shelf. That cat used to have a fishing pole.

My not-currently-lolita-sheets bed. I sleep with ALL those stuffed toys. At the bottom of the photo you can just see my slightly-old fashion looking one piece pajamas. It sort of resembles Wednesday Addams' bathing suit on me XD

If you ignore the large number of artbooks, comics, and Terry Pratchett graphic novels, you can see my two copies of the Gothic & Lolita Bible. I have a 1st issue of the Japanese bible, and the Western wedding issue.

My laptop area. Quick rundown: laptop, one painting on an eazle(sp?), a flower postcard in a photo frame (I picked up the postcard at a Vancouver hanami), my lamp, a candle lantern, an empty tin of absinthe mints (picked up from a Vancouver antique store, don't ask me why they sell mints...XD), two memory boxes, my Nobuta wo Produce Chile piggie, my sewing box, and a TokiDoki bag.

The postcard.

The candle lantern. I sometimes put this in my bathroom. It makes nice patterns on the wall ^^

Well, that's all of it. Hope you liked it!

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