Duplica (duplica_chan) wrote in egl,

Bodyline Set question

Could this Bodyline skirt/set fit to a Babyttsb blazer? I need REAL pictures of this set :/

I hope it hasn't been asked before... but I didn't find any information on this set and I checked poupéegirl as well for pictures of this skirt... but didn't find anything. you're my last chance! ^^

I recently bought this lovely Baby jacket (bigger pic):

but I don't have a matching skirt.
then I found this Bodyline Set yesterday:

Do you think that this could match to my blazer?

Do you have any pics WORN of this skirt? Or a better pic of the tartan check? Or just a pic of the set how it looks in real? I really want to compare but it's so difficult to guess just because of the pics.

maybe I just should wait until I find a nice matching babytssb skirt *_*

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