A girl of miaow, meow, and mew (papayachan) wrote in egl,
A girl of miaow, meow, and mew

Sizing questions for Anna House OP and blouse

I am wanting to buy from Anna House, and want these two items:
Blouse OP

The blouse is 016-1134 and the OP is 015-1074.

My measurements are:
Waist: 33"
Bust: 36-37" (halfway between)

I've checked the memories, and I found no review on the OP, but I did find a review on the blouse. I asked the girl questions on sizes, but I am still uncertain, as her waist was much smaller than mine.

Anyway, here is my issue: would the XL size fit me? The XL size on the site is bust 38-40", waist 32-34" (this is for the blouse). I don't think that the bust would be too big - is this correct? Would I have to bespoke the waist measurement? when they say the waist measurement is 32-34, does this mean that it could comfortably fit a 33" waist, or that it just stretches to 34"? If the latter is true, then I don't think it would be comfortable. I would ask AH itself, but sometimes they can't answer my questions well due to the language barrier. ^__^'

For the OP, the measurements are bust 34-38", waist 28-32". I would have to bespoke the waist measurement, but to what waist measurement should I bespoke it to? (random note: I'm not sure how to use the word "bespoke" correctly... XD)

If anyone has this blouse or dress, and has similar measurements, please tell me what you think! Or, just someone who has similar measurements and has AH items, I would really appreciate your help. I need someone who is built like me, because, as I said, the review on the blouse from the girl with the smaller waist didn't help me as much. ^__^'

Thank you very much!

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