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&&A friend and I couldn't make it to the atl_lolitas meetup today...

We went to Discover Mills Mall in Lawrenceville, GA instead!
There are quite a few pictures too <3

First things first!
As soon as victorianloli and i got there, we ran straight to the carousel in the middle of the mall!

I love carousels ;3; 

After the short ride was over,  it was to the Disney store! :D
There we found an adorable play-tea set, complete with a hugggge plastic tea-pot and lots of plastic plates/cuts/forks etc. inside. 
victorianloli  ended up buying it after we circled around the mall <3

Warning: Blurry picture!

Im a little tea pot short and stout...

There was also a cute play-area for kids so i got victorianloli 's picture with this cute little bear :3

then to the main purpose of our visit: THE SANRIO STORE!! <3

Yes, its a lolita hello kitty living in a Sweets Castle...*o*

My SECOND picture with this beatiful Lolita Hello Kitty-bank!
I think that means i need it >->;;;

And its a jewelry box!! AAAAA <3

So much PINK!
Dress up Hello Kitty doll goodies ;3;

victorianloli  being freaking adorable!<3

And then to our outfits:


JSK - Rare Editions
Overskirt&Headbow - Handmade
Abused jacket thing - offbrand
Socks - Leg Avenue
Shoes - Payless
Purse - Bodyline


JSK - Bodyline
Blouse - Offbrand
Purse - Bodyline
Accessorites - mintymix  necklace and handmade&offbrand other thingerrs :3


Don't these look like tampons? xD
The most lolita ones you'll ever have ~!

If this is better suited to d_l or something tell me so i can move it!

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