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Lolita Presentation at local con!

Hello everyone! I would like to ask your help in putting together a little lolita presentation for a first year con in June. I have the history and some general tips as well as pictures of Japanese lolitas from street snaps. However what I really need is some westerners doing it right and I didn't think it appropriate to use people's pictures without their permission!

I'm looking for these styles:

OTT sweet
Other styles (kuro- shiro- country- wa- etc.)

I would like to get people also wearing both the usual headwear (hairbows, headbows etc.) but also examples of co-ords with headdresses and bonnets!

I have slides on History, What is lolita?, "rules" and Basic tips, Kinds of dresses/skirts, Kinds of Headwear, kinds of leg covering, kinds of lolita shirts and then all of the style slides.

I will have a handout later about the different brands (and websites), where you can buy more affordable lolita clothing, more information websites, and my contact information ^.^

A big thank you for anyone who would like to offer advice or pictures!


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