Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ] (addictive_sugar) wrote in egl,
Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ]

Btssb Ekaterina JSK

I was wondering about the sizing of Btssb's Ekaterina JSK:

It came in sizes S, M, L and LL. (more pictures and info here)
I own it in size LL and found it to be 95cm in the bust and 80cm in the waist approximately, when Baby's site apparently gave the measurements as being 100cm and 81.5cm respectively. The size LL is a little too big for me, while the size M, which I tried on at the store as well, was too small. There was no size L left.

Does anyone know the measurements of the L size? If anyone owns it, could you please measure it?

Thanks a lot!

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