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Theme Post: Prom!

Helloooo EGL. I'm really happy that the theme for this month is "What have you Loli-fied?" =] Perfect timing too since my prom was a week or two ago! <3

yayyy! prom!

Outfit Rundown:

Dress: Bodyline

Shoes: Steve Madden

Hair pieces: Handmade

Purse: Claire's

Unfortunately, my sister likes to take pictures while I'm talking...and I suck at taking pictures.

Here's a better shot of my outfit. I had to spray starch for dying petticoats the night before and morning of prom. ,____, Blow drying helped, but I still wanted more poof. =[ I need a better petticoat.


And here's a shot of the back. Sorry for the not so stellar shots. It was pretty hectic taking pictures at my house, because 1) it was at my house and 2) my date was stuck in traffic. Oy. I think this was taken while I was running into the house trying to figure out the exact location of my date (who ended up being prom king!)


Shoe shot! Funny fact: girl on the right (black shoe with silver jewel on top)'s shoe cost only $5! I would know...because we have matching pairs. :P Another funny fact: the silver shoed girl (left) missed the memo. Everyone at my house besides her and her date coincidentally wore red and black. XD
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