venus_chn (venus_chn) wrote in egl,

Belated MTAC lolita pics

My first post to egl. I hope this is in the right place this time....  I know it was like three weeks ago, but I wanted to post pics of the lolita I met at Middle Tennessee Anime Con.  Yep, the one in Nashville.....It rained a lot.  I bearly got home.  I hope everyone affected by the flood didn't have a lot of damage or at least had insurance to cover it.

MTAC always has a lovely tea party on the patio sunday, but due to the rain it was inside this year. The first three pics are all I took, sorry I didn't get anyones LJ name.

Next is [info]kawaii_lolita02 she sells really cute charms and stuff

All the other lolitas I met....

My makeup looks so bad here, but it was boiling hot in like half the con. : /

I tried black lipstick in this pic for the first time,  Does it work?

Bonus Pic: Awesome Queen of Hearts and White Queen from the new Alice movie

Hope everyone liked them if you want a full size pic of yourself let me know. ; )
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