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In the past couple of years quite a few different styles have boomed, and I’ve noticed that slowly more and more Lolitas are blending different styles with Lolita. Mori-girl style for one has been growing in popularity, so much that it has influenced Lolitas in their styling decisions. Lolitas are coordinating their pretty pettis to take on a mori-spin. These coordinates are quite charming, I’ve seen a couple of lolitas post coordinates that incorporate earthier more neutral tones, fur lined vests, leather boots, and intricate cardigans. Often these coordinates are accessorized with soft knitted goods, forest creature motifs, and vintage accessories. Even hairstyles are done up differently to better encompass a “forest girl” style, all the while these coordinates still maintain a good balance between Mori and Lolita.

As Mori-fashion peaked in interest, more people seemed to welcome the style with open arms. Even here on LJ Mori-girls have united and created their own community. Some Lolitas have started creating Mori-inspired outfits, by mixing their Lolita outfits to embrace neutral colors, appropriate woodland motifs, and other handmade accessories. Layering vests and mixing matching antique jewelry has really become popular when trying to blend the forest-girl look with Lolita.

I really have become quite fond of the Mori girls community here on LJ, it’s so helpful in getting a better insights on the clothing and accessories that Mori girls select to create their “forest girl” appearance. As I filtered through the community I noticed there are some Lolita brands like Meta, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, and Juliette et Justine have certain clothes that seem to really mesh well with Mori-style. There are even some posts where some Mori-girls have selected specific Lolita garments that would suit the Mori-style. Some of these Mori-girls select certain Lolita garments because of the femininity Lolita clothing exhibits with its delicate usage of pleats, ruffles, and lace. These are popular Lolita brands, and to see Morigirls mix, match, and modify certain loli-garments to fit their Mori-style is really interesting. Depending on how these garments are worn theses outfits can take on more of a Lolita than Mori style, and vice versa.

I’ve really enjoy seeing coordinates that merge other styles with Lolita, and despite that Mori and Loli styles are different they really do compliment each other. I suppose what I love the most about seeing this mix of lolita and mori is the potential it holds as its very own sub-style. As more Lolitas grow an interest in mixing their Loli-garments with Mori-garments, the more likely it is that “Mori-loli” will be recognized as its own style, much like gothic, sweet, and country lolis.

Anyways, Last week as I was looking through (lots and lots of )Daily Lolita I came across these lovely Lolitas whose coordinates were Mori-inspired, these were so cute that I really wanted to share their posts:
Mori-Lolita Coordinate1:
Mori-Lolita Coordinate2:

I also found this lovely Swedish Lolitas lookbook, where she shared her own Mori-Lolita Coordinate:
Her full blog here.

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I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more Mori-inspired Lolita coordinates, and maybe even a new sub-style slowly emerging

What are your thoughts on Mori-Lolita?

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