Mandi (thepurestpoison) wrote in egl,

Loli Day :)

I met this girl named Ashley on tn_lolis and we decided to meet up! ^-^ We went to the Johnson City Mall and hung out for a while. I was running late, so I couldn't grab my camera (^-^;) But I did manage to get a few pictures with my phone. :)

I live in East Tennessee, so I think this was the first time most of these people had ever seen Lolita before. We got a lot of compliments, but a lot of people were like, "What on earth are you wearing?!" lol It was awesome.

Oh, my friend Rosie came with me, and now she's in love with Kodona. The outfit she's wearing was put together in 20 minutes at a GoodWill, so don't judge too harshly. (^-^;) It's the gist, I think. But she's definitely converted wha ha ha ha!......


This one is of me and Ashley. (Ashley's in pink.)

This is Rosie and Ashley ^-^

And this is all of us together!

Ummm.....outfit rundown?

Dress: Bodyline
Bonnet: Bodyline

Dress: Bodyline
Hat: Forever 21


I had a blast because this was the first time I've ever met another Lolita! And she's actually cool! XD It was bad-ass. We're going to do it again sometime, which is awesome. Whooo! Maybe I'll have better pictures and some storytelling ability next time lol

buh bye! (^-^ )

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