LotusSong (lotussong) wrote in egl,

Sick of Taobao questions yet?

Hello there ladies! I figured I'd toss my question into the pile, because after using the search I still don't have an answer to it.

I saw a dress I really like on Taobao a little less than a week ago. Since I have been very busy lately, I bookmarked the page so I could come back at a later time and buy it. Today when I opened the page, the box where you normally input the amount of an item you'd like to buy has been replaced with a new box. Google translated the text as follows:

This baby has the shelf

1: Contact Seller Advisory

2: You can enter the store dispensers

The last statement is a hyperlink that takes me back to the front page of the store (where the dress in question is still being shown for sale). Next to the first statement is a green question mark. When I clicked on it I was taken to a page that was supposed to explain what was going on, but I still don't understand. Does this mean the dress is sold out?

Thank you so much for your time!
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