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Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Meet Up Update #2

Hi everyone!,
So I checked the weather forecast online and a couple of different sites are forecasting a 30% chance of showers on sunday. I've decided not to cancel the meet-up and to still keep the meet-up on sunday. I figure if it rains we can always go inside the ice-cream shop or stand under the manhattan bridge. There are some really interesting and scenic spots under the bridge (cobble stone streets, still views of the water, etc.) So we can always do an impromptu photoshoot there while we stay out of the rain :) So if you see it's raining outside still come out! We will be there!

As for food, I will be baking cookies. So if you miss the ice cream portion of the meet-up there will still be some sweets for you to munch on at the picnic portion of the meet-up.

I look forward to see you all!

If your interesting in coming add yourself to the RSVP list. The list can be found by following this link->
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