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A proposal about EGL Sales commission regulations

Howdy gals,

As a lot of you might be lurkers on 4chan's /cgl/ board, I'm sure a few of you may be familiar with a recent thread regarding commissioned lolita dresses/skirts/etc.. and how there are many sub-par quality dresses at overpriced costs being made by those who may not necessarily know a lot about sewing. Please note that I am not trying to start a flame war here, nor am I trying to single anybody out because honestly, if I was really planning on starting drama, I could have posted this to a wank community. It just has been brought to my attention that this seems as if this is an issue that bothers a large amount of people (myself included), yet despite this has not been discussed out of a fear of being singled out as being a bitch, elitist, or a variety of other reasons that I am sure I do not need to point or name here.

After the situation with Talia, I feel like all of us are worn down and maybe a little skeptical of commissioned 'seamstresses' here on the egl comm, and I feel like that is not necessarily an unreasonable reaction. She has brought to light the very issue that not all who are open for commissioned clothing, something that takes a large amount of skill, time and effort to do well, are able to handle taking on multiple customers at once and staying on schedule with orders while also producing a well made, quality product. I may sew, but does that automatically mean that I am responsible enough to handle people's money in addition to making a $60, custom made dress? Maybe not. I think a good point was made here on the original /cgl/ post in relation to this double standard we seem to have here:
"Well how about we say the same about Milanoo then? Or is it that that's different cause they are a Chinese seller that the standards are different? If it was a taobao shop, of Kstar or what have you producing these horrible garments, people would be posting warnings and reviews right left and center and everybody would be thanking them for warning the n00bs. But I suppose being a westerner with an LJ account kinda gives you immunity from negative criticism."

I definitely think there should at least be some sort of review process for those who are planning on selling commissioned goods here within our community. If we are to protect people, especially those who are new to the lolita fashion and may not necessarily know what is respectable quality or not in addition to those who are looking for replicas of certain items, I think there should be standards put in place to at least somewhat prove that the person offering commissions for clothing/replicas/etc are up to good standards in addition to holding them accountable for irresponsibility with the time, money and faith of their customers and this community. In addition, as a community, we too should take responsibility to be honest with each other and the seamstress in terms of how pleased we actually are with the items we have received. If we are not happy, we should be honest with the service we received instead of keeping quiet out of fear of offending somebody, in addition to providing and gracefully taking constructive criticism both as buyers and sellers.

I may not necessarily have any solidified solutions on how to solve this problem, but I definitely think this is something that should be addressed here in our community. Hence why I am opening this up to discussion to all of you, in hopes that as a team we may be able to find a solution to a problem that I personally believe is overlooked.

Any comments are welcome, ladies~

Edit: Thanks for all your comments! Please keep them coming. So far there seems to be a majority who believe that there should be a way of showing proof of quality by taking multiple photos of the garment from many angles, including inside out, zippers, seams, etc. in addition to a more efficient way of separating seamstress reviews from the many other reviews that are posted each day.
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