Callie (callister_07) wrote in egl,

USF lolis? Tampa lolis? PLEASE STAND UP!

Hey are there some lolitas at USF that would ever want to meet up or just talk even? I know you are out there! I have friends who have seen you there and I know you are really into it too cause my bf has seen you and he knows what AP is. lol haha sorry if that sounded weird, and I don't actually know who you are, but I know I can recognize a poofy skirt and my bf can too. I hope.

I only know like one loli who goes to usf myself, but all the rest? WHERE ARE YOU??(cough*juniperpoppler*cough) lol It would be nice to have more people to talk to and make friends with. If you are into lolita and would like to get to know each other just leave a comment, or message me through a PM.

Sorry if this isn't....whatever it should be? o_O I just hate not having more girlfriends. Figure it would be nice to start with something we all have in common and go from there.

Thanks! <3 I promise I'm not scary!
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