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Bodyline review

This is from a group order i joined, so this review won't have any info about the shipping and ordering, only the quality of the items.
I'm mostly happy with my them, but there is also some I don't like that much.

The things I bought was two bags, one petti, one pair of socks and some eyelashes. So sorry, no clothing review!

Strawberry shoulder bag

Love this bag! So cute, and it even has a little strawberry bell on the zipper that jingles. Also good space for the usual stuff you have in your bag. The strap is adjustable, and there is no flaws on this bag. 

The bag was stuffed inside with a big bunch of paper, so won't be crushed in the mail.

With my (big) phone inside.


Moi Memme Moite replica bat bag

This bag is really great, the quality is good and it's really roomy. 

The only thing that annoys me is that there is this little "hole" on the front of the bag, that isn't very visible at first glance, but can still be seen. It's sad, because this bag is good.

Here is a picture of the "hole".

It's big space inside, here with my (big) phone.


EDIT: Seems like the bat bag sold out :(

Bodyline colored petti

First of all, I don't think this is meant for lolita, because it's to short and not really that poofy enough for lolita. But I already thought of that before buying, so it wasn't a very big surprise. I was going to use this for fairykei anyways.

The petti is see-through, so I wont recommend using it without another petti or skirt underneath. Also the color on the website is not accurate, my skirt was more of a light blue color than the seagreen on the website (the first one on the last row). 


Pink note socks

This was my biggest disapointment D:
The color is much darker than on the website, not the pastel pink I thought I was getting. But I can live with that. The worst thing was that they felt soooo synthetic, and it don't look good because of that. Maybe it's just me, but I will probably give this away or sell it. 



At last, I bought three pairs of eyelashes, and these are really good and cheap. They only cost 1$ each pair, the lashes are long and thick, and the glue is strong. One of the best I have used actually.


That's it, hope you like my review!
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