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Review TaoBaoBuying, KidsYoYo, Dollscrops, Secret Shop, and E-NEW

This was my very first time buying things from Taobao and it all went very well.


I went with TaoBaoBuying as my shopping service. Mostly because I've heard good things about them and that they were one of hte few places open.

I send my order in and around two days later I got my invoice and paid. It took a while for the things to get sent to them however I always got replies to my emails in 24 hours or less which is great. They were even patient enough to wait a couple days until I had money to pay for the shipping to here.

The items took about 5 days to get here. However no one was home to pick them up so I had to wait another day and go to the post office to pick them up.

All in all it was a great experience and will continue to use them as my shopping service.



My box was all nice and taped up. It didn't take too long to get it off.

All the items were packaged individually and packed tightly together so they wouldn't move around or get hurt. Nothing was damaged.

This is all my stuff! I had ordered:
- 2 pairs of Secret Shop socks
- 1 Dollscrops petticoat
- 1 KidsYoYo headbow
- 1 E-NEW wig


When I looked at the bottom of the box I noticed something that I hadn't ordered, it was a free gift! It was two little hand towels, super cute.

The little strawberry came with a sticker that said "Swallow" on it. I was confused because why would anyone want to swallow a fake strawberry...


This is the wig. It was pretty cheap and came with a free brush and hair net. It looks pretty good and not too fake.
My only problem is that it doesn't look like the one I ordered. For one thing the one I ordered was supposed to be a chestnut brown. This is black. The bangs are also longer than I expected. It doesn't matter too much since it's not like I spent a lot of money on the wig and I can still wear this one.



I love it! It is a one size petticoat and I'm sure it can fit many sizes because it stretches a lot. It is very soft and well made and super poofy!



They're super cute and soft! They look a lot better in real life then I thought they would. The pink is very soft and nice too.



I got this on sale and I feel pretty lucky since it is amazingly good quality. All three bows are removable and can be pinned on to whatever you like. It comes in white and pink and red and pink. It's super soft and looks adorable. Possibly my favorite item I got.


Overall I'm happy with my purchase! If anyone has any questions or wants more pictures of something just ask.
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