lucidlunacy1 (lucidlunacy1) wrote in egl,

Lolita club night San Jose CA Jun 10th

This coming apparition, we are getting out the whips on the djs and they will be looking into our eastern cousins. digging through archives, of both visual kei and old school jgoth. we want to lean more on the kuro lolitas, but its all open.

dj darkmoon has very beautiful waltzy type sets, nexx has hard hitting tunes for those who feel like something else. ash being once in a visual kei band, and following music in that genre. everyone is set for a evening of dark decadence, and chaos.

please come and enjoy yourself, we open the doors to our crypt. we will do our best to give you a good time, with our own old school goth favorites, and jgoth classics.

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