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Opinions of Japanese Lolitas on other Lolitas?

I haven't seen a discussion on this topic yet but I hope it can be fairly interesting or insightful to the community.

To mainly Japanese lolitas: what are the common opinions and sentiments towards foreign, non-Japanese (including non-Caucasian) lolitas?

Also, to almost everyone in the community: Do you feel common race and national issues, associations, images, and stereotypes affect how you view other lolitas who are not within of your race/country?

For the first question, I was wondering what are some thoughts of Japanese lolitas on foreign ones, especially the degree of acceptance. I am not racially stereotyping here, but I'm sure a lot of people know that a lot of the population of Japan aren't as racially open as compared with many other well-developed countries. I have heard and read many snippets which lead to formulate the following implications about how some Japanese lolitas feel about foreign lolitas:
  • They're encroaching on the Japanese lolita culture.
  • It's great that foreigners can take an active interest in something that's a part of Japan.
  • Stupid foreigners should stop trying to buy out brand items.
  • Foreigners look better in lolita than Japanese.

Note: not all of these conclusions are negative. I expect a mixture of viewpoints and opinions but I would like to receive clarification and hard proof. A variety would be wonderful, even if they are cold and horrible, such as the rumored opinion of "Stupid fat foreigners should just stop trying to squeeze into our lovely brand items and stop dressing up!" I highly doubt this exists, unless one is talking about highly ignorant people, who exist in every country of the world unfortunately.

Another interesting opinion I had once heard (in real life) was that "Asians look better in lolita" with the meaning that "Japanese are not exclusive to looking good in lolita". However, as Asians do vary greatly between ethnicities, I'd like to know some opinions of Japanese lolitas on lolitas of other Asian races too (such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc.)

For the second question, I want to get an idea of how world relations, cultural perceptions, national stereotyping may play a part in lolita. I believe I can best clarify my question with an example:
    "If I were to say I was a lolita from the United States, which you be more likely to assume I was of Caucasian descent and potentially plus-sized? Would you be more likely to wonder if I will be quick to express my dislike about something or have difficulty accepting criticism?"

Please note: I'm going with the quickest, most ridiculous, national stereotype I could think of at the top of my head, which was that of the loud-mouthed, McDonald's consuming, stubborn, and vaguely ignorant white American. I know this is the farthest thing from the truth, but it is an acknowledged and popular national perception.

I would like to see how you may feel about national perceptions for ALL nations and countries, not just the U.S. Would your country's bad relations with another country possibly make you view those lolitas with a bias? Or, do you possibly think a certain national image and those people who may possess it could never be a good lolita?

I am NOT trying to say that certain races or peoples should be excluded from lolita or are incapable of being good lolitas, nor am I searching for people who think so. There are a wide variety of human beings in the world with varying backgrounds, races, and cultures; I want to see how these variations interact with each other when it comes to lolita fashion

Thank you very much.
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