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Chibi_tenshi ss review ^_^ and Bodyline ERRORS all over the place!!

I think i've wrote a review about chibi_tenshi before but this one is definitely worth showing her off!!

Please ignore the quality of the photos.. i used the iphone due to lack of camera.

I received the package today, it's was about 3 days with EMS (i live in Toronto and she ships from japan for reference)

an ap package O.O... what could it be?!!?!?!?!?!

SHA BAM!!!!!!!!!! wonder cookie op!!! omg i am so in love with this i don't even know where to start.. thank you a billion times again chibi_tenshi!!!

buttons close up!

little story:

I had won the ap wonder cookie wrist cuffs on chibi_tenshi's auction and i had mentioned to her i really wanted the OP, but there was like to no chance of getting it because it was sold out in reserve.

like a week later...

Chibi_Tenshi sends me a msg, someone in the store by her canceled their reserve.. so she puts in on a special hold for 24hrs and than msgs me and a couple others about the dress saying she has it for 24 hours.. so boom i snatch that up! i'm so happy! i thought i had no chance of getting it because it sold out in reserve.

I wasn't sure if i could pay up front,(the op with shipping is almost 400 dollars) so we made a deal with me so i could pay a couple days later (her policy is 3 days) but it turns out i didn't need that lol. so she sent it the day i paid and it got here today!

i wanted the package marked down but you can't get the tags in the package if you do that. So she offered me for just over a dollar to send the tag in a separate package so i still had it! annnnnddd she included some cute flyers and receipt ^_^

overall experience:


>she notified me about the availability
>obviously great communication
>fast shipping
> fair priced shipping (with 3 options)
> commission price : 5% (though i offered her more for holding it longer for me)

11 outta 10!




... -_-'

i just did a bodyline order.. i ordered 6 or so items, but two that really disappointed me..

i bought both these items in pink, assuming the colour was accurate to the photos, as most items i have (other than the alice jsk) were.


to my disappointment.. they were a much darker pink. I have put them both on the comm sales  if your interested.. i wanted a pale pink.. i'm so sad cuz they are both real cute items.

Also i hate their measurements. They are constantly off. (heart buckle shoes, all kinds of jsks, and skirts) it's making it hard for me to purchase things without having to resell it an hour after i get it...


Normally bodyline isn't bad for shipping but this time and last time it has taken much longer than before, it was about a week and a half compared to what it used to be like 3 days.. i also am going to complain again about them lacking in boxes for shoes.. it's not a nice way to ship them!!!

Bodyline is becoming less and less worth the money. It was ok when it was cheap but they keep raising the price for the same crap. Getting cheap and cheaper with shipping. Overall I don't think I'm going to do much more purchasing from them unless there is a sale on the clothing other than their "dhl 20 dollars" . I'd rather buy things with accruate photos and better measurements, that ship reasonably.


accurate - nope
shipping - slower than before
price- higher than before

3 (at most) out of 10..
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