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I recently ordered on Taobao through, so here's a review of their service and of some of the items I purchased.

I made an account on Yoybuy's website, and placed my order on April 17th. My agent, Alice, contacted me on the 19th with an invoice. She was prompt and professional with communcation, always replying to my emails the same day.

The seller of one of the items I had ordered had not logged in for a while, so Alice asked me if I would like her to try re-contacting the seller or replace the item. I asked her to contact the seller one more time and on April 20th she was able to place my order.

I recieved notification that all my items had arrived on May 11th. I paid the shipping invoice and Alice sent me my tracking number within an hour.

My package arrived on May 18th. The value was marked down to $42. The box was completely covered in tape, making it a bit of a puzzle to figure out which end to open. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

There was no extra padding inside the box, but the individual items themselves were well-protected, so it didn't bother me too much.

All in all, I had an excellent experience with Yoybuy. The fees are quite reasonable (10% of item price + domestic shipping, Paypal fees, and 5% insurance) and the service was great. I'll definitely be using them again.


Below are reviews of the deco nails, clip on extensions, hairclips, and lace that I purchased. I also got some hime style items (hair barrette, gloves, dress, and shoes) that I've posted reviews of in my personal journal.
The dress in particular was purchased from, which also carries lolita style items, so please check that out if you're interested.


Shop Link:
Item Link:

The nails were packaged in a cute little box, and came with a nail file, glue, and extra jewels.

These are so pretty in real life. Everything is securely and neatly glued on, and the roses are nicely made. I gave them custom measurements for the width of the nails, and they fit great.


Clip on extensions

Shop Link:
Item Link:

I'm not sure what fiber these extensions are made of. Some of the other wigs in the store are listed as Kanekalon, but this particular listing just says "other" under "Hair Materials," according to Google Translate. In any case, the fiber is soft and a bit shiny, but not unnaturally so.

Here they are worn, second picture with flash.

The color in real life is accurate to their color chart (it's the middle color).  But as you can see it doesn't match perfectly with my hair. The difference isn't as noticeable in real life, but I think I will just dye my hair to match. I'm long overdue for a re-dye anyway, haha.


Rose hairclips/brooches

Shop Link:
Item Links:

These were smaller than I was expecting, but very cute. They have both a pin and a hairclip attachment on the back.


Tulle lace

Shop Link:
Item Link:

Shop Link:
Item Links:

The top lace is from the first shop. They also sent some navy blue elastic, strangely.
The bottom laces are from the second shop. They included some small lace flowers. These laces are pure white whereas the first lace is offwhite.

All the laces are nice quality, soft and not shiny.  Pretty good considering they were like 10 cents a meter.


I hope this review was helpful, thanks for reading! Please comment if you have any other questions.
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