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Khaotic Kourture 2010 ACEN Fashion Show

The fashion show had many different styles Visual Kei, Cyber, Steampunk, and Lolita. Here are the photos from the Lolita Category:

Miscellaneous Lolita styles

Hime Lolita
Treesdancealone (Me)
1. Dress: Bodyline
2. Bolero: Bodyline
3. Socks: Angelic Pretty
4. Shoes: Baby
5. Parasol: Baby

Wa Lolita

Yusuke Chiohara

1. Waloli set: ebay
2. Boots: Demonia

Punk Lolita

1. Outfit: Putumayo

Country Lolita

1. Blouse: BTSSB
2. JSK: Handmade
3. Hair accessory: handmade

Sailor Lolita
1. Top: Metamorphose
2. Skirt: In the Starlight
3. Bow: Handmade

Classic Lolitas

1. Dress: Rose Melody
2. head piece: Hand made by Helen
3. Shoes : Montreal

1. Dress: Megan Maude
2. Hair accessory: Handmade
3. Shoes: Montreal

1. Jumper Skirt: Innocent world
2. Head bow: Innocent world
3. Blouse: Dear Celine

1. Dress: Metamorphose
2. Headdress: Alice and the Pirates

Gothic Lolitas
1. Blouse: Fan + Friend
2. Dress: Fan + Friend

Miss Lyz
1. Blouse: The White Peacock
2. Skirt: Lady Heather's Fashions
3. Shoes: Bodyline

1. Headdress: Kidsyoyo
2. Dress: Kidsyoyo

Grace Kawaii
1. Dress: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
2. shoes: Demonia
3. headdress: handmade

1. Shoes: Angelic Pretty
2. Bonnet/headbow: Alice and the Pirates
3. Jumperskirt: Alice and the Pirates

1. Jumper Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
2. Blouse: Anna House

Sweet Lolitas
Ro Silberman
1. Jumper Skirt and Accessories: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
2. Shoes: Bodyline
3. Blouse: In The Starlight

Amanda Tea
1. Dress: Metamorphose
2. Shoes: An*ten*na

1. Jumperskirt: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
2. Blouse: Angelic Pretty
3. Head Bow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

1.Cardigan: Forever 21
2.Skirt: Angelic Pretty
3.Bow: Angelic Pretty
4.Parasol: Btssb

1.Bag: Angelic Pretty
2.OP: Baby, The stars Shine Bright

Blouse: Angelic Pretty
jsk: Angelic Pretty
Bow: Angelic Pretty

1. blouse, cardigan, skirt, purse : Baby the Stars Shine Bright
2. Shoes : Antena
3. Jewelry : Angelic Pretty

1. Top: Bodyline
2. Skirt: Angelic pretty
3. Socks: Angelic pretty

Kinki Kitty Collection by theOsakaKoneko

Silversark Collection by Miss Spooky

Q&A and Photoshoot

The question was How difficult is it to walk in tall shoes
My response was that it depends on the height of the platform, the material of the platform some are made out of wood and other out of foam and how experienced they are with walking in the shoes .

Q&A and Photoshoot for Kinki Kitty Collection by theOsakaKoneko

Q&A and Photoshoot for Silversark Collection by Miss Spooky

Thank you for viewing the Khaotic Kourture 2010 ACEN Fashion Show

Kinki Kitty Collection:

Silversark Collection:

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