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Angelic Pretty Reserve Information

I decided to write this up since every time a new print series gets announced there is the inevitable influx of people asking how to reserve from overseas. There is nothing in the egl or angelicpoodle memories on how the reserves work, so I figured I would make an information guide to help those that are searching for it. I definitely don't know everything and this is what I have collected from my experiences in working with reserves and my shopping service, so please if you have something to add leave it in the comments so I can edit the post to reflect it!

So the new print photo shoot teaser images have come out on Amo's blog or one of the AP blogs, or maybe you saw the new Kera ad scans. You have decided that you need this new print but you don't know what to do...? Here is some information that might help.

+ First things first, Angelic Pretty does not accept reserves from overseas customers. You must find a shopping service who can do either an in-store or online reserve. Your best bet is to go with a shopping service who has experience with how AP reserves work, as they can be quite crazy at times.

+ A list of shopping services who can help you reserve items are found in this post on egl. This list was last updated in the end of 2009, so some information might be out of date. You can also request a shopping service in a post on egl_comm_sales.

+ Your best bet to get the items that you want is to contact a shopping service immediately as soon as you see a series that you want to reserve. Spots fill up FAST, especially for popular color choices and styles.

+ Measurements for items are NOT released before reserves start. If you might not fit into most AP stuff, you might want to hold off on reserving since there is a good chance you will have to re-sell it. That might not be a huge issue to you, but brace yourself for potential disappointment if you find out the items are unshirred once they are released.

+ A shopping service can only reserve one of each item in each color in store or online, so once they have someone who wants a blue jsk, they cannot reserve an additional one. Names are recorded so you cannot reserve the same thing online and in store.

+ Only one headpiece can be reserved in each color, regardless of whether there is more than one headpiece available or not. The headpiece must be the same color as the main piece (op/jsk/skirt)

+ Reserves are not announced ahead of time. The secrecy of when they will happen lends to an air of excitement, urgency, and sometimes frustration as many people wait in line outside the stores before they open to get the best shot of reserving items.

+ In the past, reserves have typically opened up on a Saturday morning. This was true about the last year or two of print series. Which Saturday will it be? It's never a sure bet...

+ Reserves open up in stores first and then online later that same day. The online link to the reserve page is only visible/active once online reserves have started. You will not find it on the site during any other time. You can bookmark this link to the reserve page, but it won't always have anything new in it if an active reserve session isn't happening.

+ Reserves generally start after the samples have toured around to all of the Angelic Pretty stores in Japan. This gives everyone a chance to see them and decide whether or not to purchase. It also helps build up the hype. There is a sample tour schedule on the main homepage of Angelic Pretty, so you can sort of estimate the date of when the reserves might go up.

+ You can follow the Angelic Pretty Blogs for information on the sample pieces, photos, and various other information that you might find useful. When Items are released in the stores or the new reserve item samples make the rounds to shops, pictures will be posted to the blogs. A list of the Angelic Pretty store blogs can be found in this post on angelicpoodle

+ If you miss your chance at getting a reserve, all hope is not lost. Many overseas retailers sell the complete print series collections after they have been released in japan. In the past few months it has become increasingly easier to obtain items from overseas since overseas retailers have been getting nearly every collection. These resellers include the Angelic Pretty Overseas Shopping Site, Maruione.jp, Starry Candy Box, and Tokyo Rebel.

Good luck to everyone and hopefully this helped some of you.
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