Arya (harukoko) wrote in egl,

Feedback page progress + thanks to Dunkelsuess

 Hi everyone,

The next round of feedback requests are steadily being created. Thank you to those who have read everything properly and filled out the form - this makes things run a lot smoother! I'd just like to say, If you have already requested a page and your comment got deleted, do not request a page again. If your comment got deleted, in means your page got created. Please search through the tags (TAGS not the A-Z list) for your username. This can cause us to create duplicate pages, and for people to leave you feedback comments in two places. If you feel we missed your page then please PM myself or another feedback mod.

Finally, I'd like to mention the help we recieved in creating the pages. To create your feedback pages so speedily, we received assistance from Dunkelsuess, a german lolita community. They lent us tools to automate parts of the process to get your pages up quicker than we could ever do manually. If anyone feels like donating to help them host their community website, it would be much appreciated. We're hoping to use their tools again to automate some other parts of the process :) Thanks again guys!

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