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My New Creation

So I finally got around to making a lolita dress!!  I saw this fabric in Joann's and I couldn't help myself.  I blew a wopping $17.29 on materials for this dress and had enough left to make a matching headbow!!  Lolita on a budget is right!

Here's a picture of the faux lace-up bodice.  This was the most time consuming piece.  First I had to tack down all the ribbon with french knots and this ridiculous inyourface pink thread.  Then I had to iron both sides and stitch it down, then iron it back out and do all the sleeve details, attach the back/front and attach sleeves.  Phew~!

Speaking of the sleeves, here's a close-up.  The lace was really pretty and I couldn't resist!!  So I told the lady to get me two yards-I was only planning on the very bottom of my dress having lace anyhow, so I approximated and boy was I wrong!!  I knew it too, the second she started measuring the first yard.  Instead of speaking up like a good little girl, I watched with horror.  When I got home, I measured to make sure and sure thing, I was short almost 20 cm!!  So instead, I opted for lace around the sleeves, a bit on the neckline and of course, a bit on my headbow.
Then there was the ribbon.  Oh lord!!  I thought we had an entire spool of this perfectly matching pink thread for the ribbon, but when I got home and found it, I realised we were almost completely out!!  So instead of neatly stitching either side of the ribbon, I was stuck with right down the middle and god knows that's not very attractive.
Finally, there was the elastic!  The elastic was this lovely shirring weight thread I could use to thread the bottom.  Only the little bugger wouldn't work!  So I did three rows (including one over the ribbon.  ;() and no pull what so ever.  What an awful thing.  So I simply did three rows of plain stitching on the other sleeve to match and a bit for reinforcement.

Then the bow.  Minus the little set back I had, I love this bow very much <3  The only problem (other than a proper band to thread it-I'm using a strawberry one hehe!) was the lace.  I had sewn up half of the bigger bow and I was going to iron up so I could cut the other side and put in lace.  Unfortunately, I forgot to check the lace's content before ironing it and I melted it!!  Oh geesh.  But it was alright because it was within the seam allowance.

Finally, I pulled on some tights and pranced around in my new shoes and dress.  Want to see it now!?

Yay!  I love it!!  Sorry I blocked out my face...it was twelve and I had no make-up on and my brother took the picture so I didn't have time to take off my glasses, but it ended up with this awsome glow to it!  Also, the dress comes to my knees, I was just doing a bust-out kind of pose in this-teehee!!  And finally, there's not much poof because I haven't gotten my petti yet, but I did quick shimmy on my layered tule skirt. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my dress!!
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