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My Wall is Frilly

I wouldn't call my room "loli-fied" exactly, but I did concentrate my lolita decorations on one wall.

So, this year is the first time [ever] that I have lived in the same place for more than one year. I moved every six months to a year for so long, I stopped attempting to decorate my room/living space. After I re-signed my lease for the first time, I decided to decorate my place a bit to make it feel a bit more home-y.

I still like simplicity in my room, so I only decorated one wall~

The frilly wall:

Up close pics:

I really liked the cover of this GLB, so I decided to cut it out and hang it (sorry, GLB collectors =O)

More pages taken out of GLB + awesome coloring pages drawn by momoco.

As an early souvenir from Fantasies dans le Monde de Reves, I bought the poster. The box behind my ipod hold my lolita head pieces/bows.

[Please excuse the random black marks; I was just covering areas that displayed my full name]
My favorite decoration- this is a collection of my memories from 2007 til now. It consists of memories such as my first trip to Disneyland, first trip out of the country (Taiwan + Japan), mini-vacations taken with my bf, and my first lolita gathering ^^ (+pics from other loli gatherings). Also displayed is a sticker I got from when I purchased the coloring pages shown above.

I know I don't have too much on my wall, but I hope this qualifies for the theme post ^^a.

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