mashedpotatos05 (mashedpotatos05) wrote in egl,

milwaukee meetup

Milwaukee Lolita society Meet-up @ Honeypie Bakery and cafe

it was very crowded because there were way more people there than first expected but that made it more fun!
I think the waiter was getting overwhelmed that every few minutes more people showed up. i felt so bad for him.
this was my first time meeting all the milwaukee lolitas and i didn't expect so many!

bunnies!!!! ^-^

this was my outfit. i was really excited to wear my first brand skirt. i had just bought it from the swap meet at acen a couple of hours before.

blouse- bodyline
skirt- baby
socks- secret shop
accessories- offbrand

lolita love from all of us in milwaukee wisconsin~!

overall it was a good time and everyone was very kind. i hope that there will be another meetup again soon! XD
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