Hime (mrs_gackt_camui) wrote in egl,

Bodyline Floral Pink JSK worn picture request, and question.

Crost posted from bodyline love, I figured it could not hurt to ask here as well. I have done a search through the community and elsewhere online, but I have not turned up this JSK being worn outside of bodylines bad picture.

From the previous owners pictures the color also looked darker, so I am not sure if this is the same color or not, but it did look pink. This will honestly be my first pink item, as I do not generally wear pink, so I am a little worried/excited. New experiences in Lolita and all.
I would also like to know if the Bows are removable or not? If they are not, do you think they would be removable with a seam ripper?

Thank you in advance.
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