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Fantasyland is the project of Lucía Sánchez, a spanish photographer who uses the Lolita language in her creations. She wants to put Lolita in a fantastic and dreamlike atmosphere. The project started in October 2009 but it is still ongoing.

Blue trees, an antique bycicle, classic sculptures, poetry and literature, imposible landscapes... All of these images form the Fantasyland universe. But the authentic protagonsts are Lolitas, who give life to the images, encouraging us to believe in fairytales.

In accordance with Lucía, her photographs tries to portray the essence of Lolita, but always retaining the good taste and the fairytale theme. Her previous creations were inspired by gothic, phantasy, classic ballet, burlesque… All of these styles appear in Fantasyland too, perfectly combined with the Lolita theme, as the author says: “I wanted to recreate a bit of all those worlds and combine them into a fantasy world with models drawn from other alternative universes, Alice in their mirrors, the eternal Peter Pan and the forgotten dolls.”

Lucía plans to continue this beautiful project, in the future she wants to publish her creations in a book. For the moment, we can enjoy these beautiful photos on her website:

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