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My big review!

I basically made the bulk of my orders around the blizzard of ’10 (Early/Mid Feb, I live in Baltimore, Maryland). I either have been in constant contact with the people up to this point till the item got to my doorstep or I got the stuff a while ago in Feb….well, except for the Anna House dress, English Charm petti and Putu bag, those I started to get in March. There's not a billion photos (but there are a lot) because I normally don't do reviews but I figured, "eh why not?" If anything is confusing, please comment. Either way, here’s my reviews:

- Double Decker
- Anna House
- GosuRori_Order
- Silversark
- English Charm
- mild_tarantula
- emi-san (Metamorphose group order)

Double Decker:

Double Decker was having their 2 for $90 deal and they had Mary Jane RHS! I always wanted a pair and now they made them! It was a bit troublesome buying from them because they had their Mary Jane’s pair but the other pair I would pick for a second…would always be out of stock like I had bad luck or something. I guess it was a blessing in disguise because a pair that I wanted also for the longest time, the Wooden Sandal, was available and I jumped on it. They were a wonderful service tho, always checking with me when they didn’t understand something. I kept the English simple because I didn’t want any potential confusions .When all got settled, they sent me a bill through paypal (which had a $70 shipping fee that I didn’t see coming tacked on because I overlooked it, totaling the shoes at $160. Still saved tho) and once all was a go, it took only two days to get from Japan to East Coast America! That’s quick!

Shipping: 4.5/5
I thought their final price when buying their shoes were included in the price but that was included after all was said and done. It wasn't really cheap either and took me off guard. If I want to buy more shoes from them, I'm going to wait for their Free Shipping deals.


Packaging: 5/5
Very well packaged! Both pairs were wrapped up in their own shoeboxes, which was wrapped up themselves with bubble wrap and put in a sturdy package! Nary a single damage.

Ordering: 4.8/5
Buying was easy but it was the switcheroos of the shoes that was becoming bothersome at times because it were as if they had nothing in the store whatsoever. However, they were patient with me and worked with me, which I do appreciate. They even emailed me when they thought something was going oddly. It was very good customer service.

Comfort: 5/5
Both the sandal and the mary janes are comfy and easy to walk in! I may have to wear some gel soles, super low cut socks and stretch out the narrow toes (READ: Caution if you have wide feet!) but that's me since I'm weird. They're awesome tho and padded! Better than my flat-footed Montreal RHS!

Quality: 4.9/5.0
These shoes would have gotten a total 5 but the sandals weren't varnished yet the mary janes were. They look lovely tho and just like the pictures!

A note that came with every shoe, their warranty and stuff

The Shoes!

The underside of each shoe has the sole glued and tacked onto the shoe:


Note for those who have been wondering between wooden RHS and foam soled RHS. I have been wearing both and this is one I’ve noticed. The foam soles are flexible as they are great shock-absorbers but if you have a strong stride or walk on your heels often, the notch is going to sink more and more under your weight. I’ve had my foam RHS for a year and already the foam notch has lowered and curved a little under my weight and I’m pretty light! I walked in my foam RHS all the time so I do say they wear well! I’ve walked in puddles, on uneven terrain, in mud, on dirt, ran in them, etc etc etc and they’ve lasted all the while.

Wooden soles obviously aren’t as flexible as foam sole but the cut in the heel is higher and deeper. It’s really nice lookin! The wood of Double Decker is pretty light but you will have to pick your feet up if you have a tendency to walk on your heels.

I think I may try LolitaLola RHS next for a wider toe.

Anna House:

Ordering was quick. There are some questions about how to order from their site so here it is:

You follow their ordering form on this page and send it to their address. They respond to you to check to see if you made the right order and when all is a go, they ask for your paypal address and bill you. You pay and wait. It doesn’t take long to get to your house, I waited about a week or so and it ships EMS.

Shipping: 5/5
Great! They adjust shipping to weight of what you’re getting and it isn’t painful. They ship through EMS. Tightly packaged and I could track where it was in the world from China to my doorstep.

Packaging: 5/5
Incredibly well packed! It was a secure bag and inside of that was my dress secured in its plastic bag! I don’t have pictures because I usually don’t take them of stuff I just got. I do have shots of the dress tho!

Ordering: 5/5
Very straightforward (to me) of what to do once reading the q&a (linked above) and filling out the form. They check with you and your choice. I noticed they made a slight error and I told them. They had everything correct, just an error on paper. They corrected it however and would answer any question I had and quickly too.

Comfort: 5/5
This is my dream dress so I don’t think I have to explain how much it means to me here ^.^ It fits like a dream, no need for tailor, the stitching is beautiful and I simply love this dress with my complexion. I have sized myself and looked at the sizing chart for the size that suits me best, which is a large, and the shirring with the lace up in the back is fantastic! It’s not tight and fits me well!  My goodness is it wonderful!

Quality: 5/5
Nothing more than I could ask for! Beautiful dress, well sewn, great fit, good lace, lovely print. Just fantastic!

 The dress on the site

Me wearing it in my junktacular room (Sorry about the cutoff head, I have no tripod, a self timer and just me snapping myself)


This was my first time ordering from a shopping service. I was a little spooked at first because of all the horror stories I have heard about shopping services going bad and I don’t really trust middle men with bunches of money. I wanted the Putumayo Chess Crest 3-way bag tho and it was during the time that they were sold out everywhere and not even on the Putumayo site! It’s my dream bag so obviously that spooked me. I had Gosurori_order on my friend list because they sounded pretty good so I gave them a whirl. I asked for them to find the bag for me. The link I first gave was dead (>.<) but they had a faint idea of the look of the bag already. They couldn’t find them in any auction tho but apparently through some ghost link they found the very last purple one! Any color was fine with me but it seemed that A) Purple was the only one available anywhere and B) I wanted purple so lucky me and C) the only one bag they could find, I’m not letting it slip away!

They got the bag and kept in constant contact with me, even answering my frantic, manic and stupid questions when they should have just stared at the screen and rolled their eyes. Onward with the rating!

Shipping: 5/5
Shipping was pretty hefty but I heard around somewhere that Gosurori_order was one of the cheapest shopping services around. They do have to make money for themselves, that I’ll admit. You have to pay in Euros, which is a super sticker shock when you are an American (*grumbles about Bush*).

Packaging: 5/5
The packaging wasn’t bad. It was packaged without tags and marked as a second-hand item to avoid customs. It was well wrapped and packaged without a scratch. I ripped open the second layer and then thought "Take a picture!" thus why one end looks torn up. It was tightly packed tho!


Ordering: 5/5
They dealt with even the stupidest of my questions and I may have driven them to drink a couple times because I was so anxious to get my bag secured and to my doorstep tout suite. Anything they weren’t sure of doing they asked me of for the final decision. They were really good!

Comfort: 5/5
It’s comfortable. I mainly wear it backpack style or handbag style (I have yet to wear it like a messenger bag with the strap) and it isn’t bad. It doesn’t dig into my shoulders but it can be a bit troublesome reaching around back and trying to get something out of the bag because of its rectangular shape when it is like a backpack but it is compact and nice looking.

Quality: 5/5
For the price I paid, I kinda expected leather but y’know, I’m kinda happy it is PU. The Putumayo bag is really durable, I must say. I don’t buy bags just to stare at them, they really do have to hold up, brand or not – this bag holds up. I mostly wear it backpack style and it’s really good. I worry a little when I put in stuff with some weight but there hasn’t been a broken stitch yet. I really wished Putumayo would have put some metal feet at the bottom of the bag tho so I’m not antsy about putting it down on the ground.  This picture will not rotate >.< .... Now it will...and look outstretched at that *fixes it*



This is a long overdue review of Silversark. Around mid Feb she had an EGL post of a skirt she was selling juuuuust around the time I was looking for the Dear Celine Cinderella trump fabric. It was even better (and cheaper) than Dear Celine so I didn’t waste any time snagging that skirt. It didn’t take long, about a week, to get to me through normal post. It’s really a wonderful skirt!

Shipping: 5/5
The shipping was not hectic and very cheap. Quick shipping too!

Packaging: 5/5
The skirt was very well packaged and even a handwritten note on how to take care of it! It was very nice of her to do! The skirt was well folded and in a plastic bag inside the shipping bag.

 Ordering: 5/5
Silversark was very nice! I went to her [link]“etsy” and bought it. It was a breeze.

Comfort: 5/5
The skirt is very well made, I love the bow lace at the bottom of the skirt and she even threw in a little headbow attachment for me to wear! I really do love it. That was my dream skirt and I got it! I can even wear it for punk Lolita style, which is my main style.

Quality: 5/5
The skirt is made with the very same fabric that Dear Celine used for their skirt in regards to the print. Instead of it being a strip of printed fabric, it’s an allover and I prefer that look more. The skirt is well made and very nice, doesn’t require a lot of poof and even looks cute without a petti!

English Charm:

 I bought the cupcake petticoat because I needed a mid-poof petti between a petti that a friend made me and a KKJJ petti. I wear those two pettis often (and they’re great paired up!) but I wanted one that was kinda “middle of the road” for me. Another reason why I bought from them is because they use Black models. I’m African-American, it’s a rare sighting to see girls that look like me in Lolita so I support business that show them whenever I can

 Shipping: 5/5
Not terrible. I think it was only $7 and that’s not very serious. I’ve paid worse before.

Packaging: 5/5
Fantastic packaging! Tightly packaged and in a waterproof bag with an English Charm sticker holding all together. There was a lovely handwritten note that I appreciate so much.

Ordering: 5/5
It was a breeze. Their site is extremely functional!

Comfort: 5/5
My goodness how comfy! I love the swish and puff! No crinkle like the KKJJ petti, long life I expect and durable!!!!

Quality: 5/5
AMAZIN! Oh my goodness, I’m so pleased to have these petticoats!

Side story regarding English Charm that I also would like to add:

 When I got the petticoat initially, I thought it wasn’t very poofy by my standards. I emailed EC and received a quick response. She said that she wanted me to enjoy myself a poofy petti and she would make another one to replace the one I have at no additional charge. The first time she sent it off, it had gotten lost in the mail because of the craziness over the Icelandic volcano and the post being an idiot. Instead of calling it a day, she instead made me another one and sent that off! I just got it and oh my goodness is it to my standards! I really do love it. I had then gotten an idea to try both petti together to compare poof and I was hooked. Instead of sending the original back, I contacted her and said I’d much rather pay for the second one in full and have both. They’re both poofy in their own right, the second one a bit poofier than the first so don’t let my doubling up dismay you, I’m a sucker for ultra-puff but EC petticoats are just amazing! She had e-mailed me a response saying since I’ve been so patient with her and the whole ordeal, I could keep the second one as a gift! How nice is that. I also am happy at how patient she was with our ordeal. She didn’t become mean or hasty when things were difficult. She was patient with me as well because initially she could have told me (as a seller, not as her personal self because she’s really sweet, I gather) when I first told her the initial petti wasn’t poofy enough, “You paid for a petticoat, you got a petticoat, ‘nuff said.” But instead she worked with me to remedy the problem!  I am so happy to have the petticoats! I feel now my petti stash is complete. You must buy from English Charm if you need a petticoat because the pricing is great for what you get and the customer service is amazing!

 Petticoat the first:

Petticoat the second:

The second petti was the one I used for Silversark review. I used both together for the Anna House review. They're amazing pettis!

Additional reviews:

mild_tarantula ~ Gosurori mooks:

Back in March I responded to a posting on EGL_Comm_Sales of someone who was selling a bunch of gosu-rori mooks. After a little talk discussing the pricing and method of shipping (ground, normal), we found a middle ground and she shipped them over. The books are in fantastic condition and with the sewing patterns. Sorry no pictures >.<

They’re mooks being shipped from one continent to another, it’s going to be a bit hefty but this was not a stab in the pocket.

Packaging: 5/5
Very well packaged and secured, there wasn’t a page bent at all!

Ordering: 5/5
Mild_Tarantula was very easy to order from and answered all my questions, even when I worried that my mooks would be lost in the mail.

Quality: 5/5
Quite perfect quality for used books! Sewing sheets still attached or shipped with the book, I was very happy!

emi_san ~ Metamorphose group order:

 The Meta parasol was basically the last of my dream items. I was worried I was going to miss out on the lace edged parasols (because I don’t really like ruffled parasols) so I hopped on this GO when it presented itself. Emi was very nice and professional, keeping me updated with everything. When I did get my parasol, it came in a long, triangular box and very well packaged with a note inside! It was very nice of her to do this.

Shipping: 5/5
The shipping wasn’t bad at all. If I bought from Meta directly, my parasol would have been about $50 roughly - $25 parasol and the rest is shipping (give or take a few). I’m not ready to fork over nearly $30 of money for a parasol if I can get it cheaper. With Emi, the shipping was about $14, I really saved!

Packaging: 5/5
Really well packaged! Triangular box and all! My parasol was safe and sound!

Ordering: 5/5
Emi was a breeze to deal with and super nice. I was worried it would be too late for my parasol but she snagged it just as I would have hoped. Her order form wasn’t hectic and hard to understand and nothing was weird.

Quality: 5/5
Metamorphose has wonderful parasols. I have used this for rain, sun and fairly brisk wind and still it is here. I love the wooden handle and the lace edging is amazing. Very well constructed!


The logo in gold.

Comfort: 5/5
My parasol isn’t huge and it’s not hard to close either. It does its job of keeping the sun and the rain out, I use it when in Lolita and normal clothes. Sorry for the lack of pictures with that, I couldn't get the shot right

I would purchase from Emi_san again, she’s really sweet. 


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