Tallrik (kanintallrik) wrote in egl,

Help me name my creations!

Long story short; my school assignment is to make a fictional collection to which I gaily chose a lolita theme. I made three lolita clothes and now I want some catchy names for them, you know, how brands use to name their clothes/collections.

Subtheme is games and playing.
I'm sorry they are not coloured; the skirt comes only in black and white, as shown. The card dress comes in blue, red and pink. The piano dress comes in red, blue, pink, black and white (piano part only black and white, obviously)

Chess skirt:

Card dress:

Piano dress:

As for the chess skirt; I was thinking along the lines of "White Pawn Skirt" or "Chess Party Skirt".
For the card dress, I like "Falling Cardhouse Dress" and "Solitaire Dress", but bring on the suggestions.
As for the piano dress, I only have one idea; "Skeleton Key Dress" but I'm not very fond of it, since it makes you think of skeletons..ne?

I am also looking for something to call the whole collection...simply something that looks cool and fancy on the front page. XD

I'd be very happy for any ideas or suggestions, thank you!
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