Amylie Freeman (yummy_land) wrote in egl,
Amylie Freeman

My lolita timeline

Greetings, dear EGL!
I would like to show you my lolita timeline 2006-2010.

Summer 2006-2007
I liked a goth-style, and I got some experiments with it.
2006                                                                                                               2007

Summer 2008
Since that time i started to use different colors in my dressing.

Summer 2009
But black took a biggest part of my wardrobe. And this period was marked by shoping in foreign on-line shops.

Winter 2009
As a rule the brand's lolita coats is not for russian winter. So i decided to create my own with none brand coat.

Spring 2010
I found the way to make my photos better: I learned how to smile! And my dress collection became wider, than even before.

Thanks for attention ^_~
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