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Positive TaobaoSpree Review [Lolita Dreams, Secret Shop, An-Tai-Na, Rose Melody]

First off, let me give you a description of my experience before I found TaobaoSpree.
The first week in February I attempted to order from TaobaoNow. I made an account, put in my items and measurements and waited. They were supposed to have gotten all orders placed before the cutoff date [I think of February 10? I don't remember] shipped before Chinese New Year. I never received any contact from them and waited for about a month. I canceled my order and placed a new one with TaobaoFocus who had responded within 48 hours to the queries I had sent them. The after confirming my order with them, they sent me an email saying they were no longer taking orders and that they would not be ordering my items. At this point I was stressing out because some of my items had low quantities left. I then saw a positive review on EGL for TaobaoSpree, so figured I would give them a shot. I contacted Susan by e-mail with my order, and within 24hours I received a reply from her associate Doris. Doris was amazingly helpful and sent me an informative spreadsheet with all of the payment information on it and asked me to correct everything before she ordered it. There was nothing wrong, so she sent me an invoice which I promptly paid. [Please keep in mind, every email from her was received by me within 24hours of my sending the last email] Doris found out that a blouse I had ordered was no longer in stock, and since I didn't want to replace it with another item, she tacked that payment on as part of my shipping cost. She also informed me that it would take a month for Rose Melody to custom make the dress I had ordered which I also agreed to. The only complaint I had with their customer service is that they did not send a photo of my items before shipping them out.[EDIT: Evidently this is not a common practice, so no complaints!] =/ They charged 10% of the item+domestic shipping costs as a fee and gave me a 50% discount on shipping, so shipping was only 50USD which was amazing.
Overall: 5/5
The items I ordered: 
1. An Tai Na Heels: They looked exactly like the picture and only cost around 22USD; however as another user had mentioned, there is a random hole in the back of the shoe that looks to correspond to nothing. The craftsmanship is not the best with some misaligned gluing and stitching. I am also very unhappy that the soles are straight up flat rubber. There is absolutely no traction. I have yet to wear them, so I hope this isn't a large problem.
Quality: 3/5
2. Rose Melody Crucifix Series Corset Dress and Bolero: This is the priciest item I have ever bought because I was so in love with it. I found it to not be worth it at all. When I tried it on, it was very unflattering, so I immediately sold it on EGL Comm Sales. Regardless of how it looked on me personally, it was actually pretty high quality. The lining wasn't a true lining, the fasteners across the corset front were not functional, and the chiffon is off-white, but other that that I found the construction to be immaculate.
Quality: 4.75/5
3. Lolita Dreams Cat Print High-Waist Skirt: This skirt is about what you would expect for the price. The lace is a bit scratchy, the fabric a bit thin and wrinkles easily, and there are some random threads. It came smelling really strongly of chemicals [?], but it's been in my closet a week now and has lost the smell. I was actually quite surprised that it came with a small built-in petti. :) The print is of a good quality though.
Quality: 4.5/5
4. Secret Shop Pony Castle OTK Socks: I was actually rather disappointed that these were a DEEP cream color rather than white as the picture suggested. The pink is a very icky pink that doesn't match the picture or anything I own, and the blue is too bright to be sax. :( I also was unaware that they were OTK's, but no complaints there. Other than that, they are very soft and seem to be of a decent fabric makeup.
Quality: 2.5/5 [I am very unhappy with the colors]
Sorry about the lack of pictures. My camera has been quite unhappy with me since I moved. I hope this is helpful, and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask! I would highly recommend TaobaoSpree.

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