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Veggie Lolita: Design 1

Ha ha, 'tis me again with more designs drawn roughly in pencil in black-and-white. This picture is, regrettably, quite bad in both quality and the care (or lack of in this case) I took in drawing the actual design. I swear, my lines and overall 'look' of the dress looked better in the dark band room as I drew it on top of the crooked music stand.

Anyway, enough of my babbling and excuses. This is the first out of seven Lolita items I'm trying to design based on and/or inspired by vegetables. I have no idea what made me want to do this, but I'm really enjoying my own mini-challenge. And so I present the Eggplant-Inspired Jumper Skirt.

The main color of the jumper skirt would be a very light purple. The thick ribbon wrapped around the waist of the JSK would be in a much darker, rich purple with a clip holding the back ribbon in place (I'm not sure what that sort of accessory is called, but it's like a small oval picture frame-ish thing lined with pearls). The back is shirred and held together with thinner ribbon, the same color as the one around the waist. There's a corsage pinned on the dress, and though you probably can't see it properly, it's basically consists of two eggplant flowers surrounded by three eggplant leaves with two strings of pearls hanging down from it.

As for the lace... I ended up designing one that I thought might suit the dress, but in all honesty I have no confidence in it. If the lace design looks awful, please tell me so I'll be informed, but there's really not much I can do about it at this point. If I ever actually manage to gain enough skill to make the dress, I'd buy good quality lace from somewhere else anyway.

This is probably THE simplest design I will put out in this vegetable-inspired challenge, and hopefully the most poorly drawn (meaning I will put more care in the other designs). My proportions are probably quite off, so I will mention that I tried to draw a good cupcake-shaped poof for the JSK ending right above the knees. The hairpin was crossed out because I drew it, then realized how tacky it looked.

Maybe the color scheme doesn't quite work out in your imagination? Does the lace look horrible? Love it? Hate it? Just... Meh? Please give me constructive criticism, or any ideas you'd like to share that you came up with after seeing my design. I have 5 more to go, I'll probably post the next piece tomorrow when I have the time.

P.S. Er, can someone help me with lj-cut properly? I wrote it in HTML, but on the preview it doesn't look like it worked.

EDIT: I just noticed... The main color of the JSK is actually more or less the same as the light purple of the eggplant flower (a bit 'darker' than the photo of the flower though, as the slight translucency of the flower sort of changes the color). I hadn't even planned that. Heh.

EDIT 2: Ahem, just thought I'd add. I know that in certain ways, the eggplant is technically a FRUIT and not a vegetable. Still, I'm including it in my vegetable themes since most people don't exactly consider it a fruit anyway.

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